Sunday, September 1, 2013

September Musings

In Rare Form September Musings

Today is one of those days when I need to just be still.  I feel that I have reached another null point in my journey and when those times come I have learned to just be still and allow the silence to take over my being.
I published the second edition of my poetry book a couple of days ago.  Today I shared the news on my family/friends Facebook page.  I found myself getting into a sense of disappointment, again, because no one really responded to the good news.  I quickly removed myself from that all too familiar road that I have gone down so many times.  The times when I shared something that inspire my soul or took me into another level of quantum understanding, only for it to fall on deaf ears.
Today I have accepted that I AM A LIGHTWORKER!  Those who are not attuned to lightwork and the positive loving energies that result from doing the work you were sent to do, just want get it at this time and I am now okay with that.  I really am!
This has been a year of resolutions.  Resolutions to how we will respond to familiar interactions from others.  Resolutions to be vigilant to our destiny of fulfilling our life purposes.  Resolutions to remain in love no matter the chaos we see, hear or read about.  Resolutions to be still, patient and faithful in our missions.
September is my favorite month of the year because it seems to bring the beginning of a sacred quiet to all the noise the summer made.  I love September because it has a sweet alluring attraction to nature because it gets nature ready for the cycle of transitioning into another season.
Today, September 1, I will be still within as I allow the quietness of September to take me to that familiar deep place within that I call home.
Happy September!


Monday, June 24, 2013

The New Reality and the Certainty of God

The New Reality and Certainty of God

For eons humanity have been journeying through an intense transformation.  There are so many levels to this work that we wouldn’t understand it even if we knew intellectually the processes of how life evolve and how evolution assist the sons and daughters of God in renewing their being.  Humans have believed for so long that their humanity is all there is and it has and is a difficult concept to relinquish.  You are more than a human.  You are souls that are growing, evolving and creating a whole new way of being.  Now the task at hand consists of integrating humanity with the cosmic principles that govern the universe.
Everyone will not be willing to endure the processes that are involved when transforming the mind by emptying oneself and allowing truth to come to you by nonresistance.  Nonresistance is surrendering to the plans God Himself has endowed your soul with.  Everyone has the opportunity to develop the capacity to love.  Yes, it is that simple but yet the hardest thing a human being can do is truly love without resistance.  Difficult, but not impossible at all.  The task would not be offered if it was impossible.  Love is the healing force that move mountains.  Love has been so difficult for humans because of the presence of fear.  Fear blocks the flow of love as a polar effect.  Polar effects have a yin yang connotations, which means that polarity has two aspects that oppose each other.  The world of humanity is anchored in polarity.  There is an opposite to everything that exists in the world because it reflects two opposites.  In other words, whatever exists creates a mirror of itself.  This is a difficult reality for the human ego to accept.  You have to remember that everything humanity has experienced as a whole and as cultures and subcultures were all based on illusion.  Illusions are beliefs upheld by faith in them. 
Humanity has gathered many beliefs and traditions that opposes love, joy and peace.  Yet, a new day has dawned.  A new reality is sweeping the earth and it is rooted in love.  Love Move Mountains.  The meek shall inherit the earth because the meek have found their power in love and the power of love will take over the earth as promised.  So, what now?  Can anyone hide from love or usurp its throne?  Surprisingly many believe that it is possible.  When you begin to honestly look at what you believe, you will see that you do believe this.  Who is the you that believes this?  The soul knows better but do you?
Everything that is experienced in the world has a perfect reflection in the Real World.  This is why total surrender must be undergone.  Humans do not understand spiritual things but the soul understands and surrenders to its Source for its power, strength and freedom.  Many still want to hold on to bits and pieces of the old world that has already passed away.  It seems to still be there because what you believe you will experience as your reality.  There is a choice everyone will make between the old world of belief and the new world of certainty.  There is not one thing certain in the world because certainty is of God.  Love is certain.  Harmony, peace, tranquility and brotherhood are attributes of love’s power.  When you find God in another you are certain that love is not only possible but it is attainable to you.  When you desire love, truly desire love, love will come rushing to you and save you from your self-made prison. 
You are a Child of Love (GOD), how can you be imprisoned?  You believe you are whenever you have a bad day, believe that you need something that you don’t have or you believe that someone has wronged you in some way.  These are all disbeliefs in love.  They are fear idols stealing away your capacity for faith in the certainty of God.  Faith in God’s certainty opens the door to love because His Certainty will give you a new vision, Christ’s Vision.  You will begin to see the world through the eyes of love and your world will transform.  You are your world.  When your world transforms it is a reflection of your own healing and transformation.
You are not what tradition taught you that you are.  You are not what your cultures and subcultures has taught you that you are.  Your soul is a divine glorious illuminating spark of God.  You never left the Garden of Eden, you just believed you did.  Like when you have a bad dream and you awaken feeling strongly that it was real but knowing that it was just a dream.  You feel like God left you and kicked you out of the Home He gave you but you only dreamt it.  It never happened.  It just feels like it happened.
It takes great effort to love in a loveless world.  It is not the journey for the faint at heart.  So seek truth actively, pray often, question God, look within and find the love of God in you.  It is there waiting for your acceptance so it can give you everything.  There is nothing in the world that you truly want, you just believe you want it because you haven’t accepted the certainty of God.  You doubt.  You swing from pole to pole in a world built on polarity, opposing each other, which creates disillusions and conflict in the mind.  The world reflects the beliefs of the mind.  If your world is not a harmonious peaceful place, you are believing something about yourself that is not your true reality.  You don’t have to continue to believe the lies of ‘Satan’.  It is your choice.  Those who are certain of God’s Love live in peace.  They take gratitude in the little things like birds flying in the sky, the sun setting or a running brook.  They understand that everything truly is in divine order and they are part of that order, which is governed by the laws of the universe.  The laws of the universe is constant and never changes.  When you live life in fear or less than love, you go against the laws and are faced with the consequences of not being aligned with truth/God.  When out of alignment with truth/God your world will reflect the disharmony.  Divine love is governed by Divine law.  If you are not in communion with Divine love you are going against the law of Truth because love is the Law. 
Dr. Brenda Tippett

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Awaken to Love

                                                                                                     Photo courtesy of Photobucket
Awaken to Love        

I realize that I am living now. Before I was surviving, making a living, making ends meet, striving after vain pursuits, making it my own way, existing.

I am living now. I hear birds sing and they come and play at my feet. The winds give me a cool breeze just at the moment I need one. God is gracious and I am living in a state of Grace.

I notice things I hadn't noticed before, even though they were always there. I feel connected to all of my brothers across ...the planet and I know that this feeling is love.

My beloved, friend and companion, I see with new vision. He is the light in my eyes. He is the deep abiding eternal love of my soul. He is my savior from the dream of darkness and fear because the One who walks with him is the Creator of light and all the stars that shine beyond the universe.

Through his eyes I see a new world dawning, the Kingdom of God birthing a new earth, as promised, where love governs and all creation unite. Holiness is everywhere for the former things have passed away and are forgotten.

Yes, I am living now. In the eternal moment I am captured in bliss and tranquility and holiness enfolds me. Everything in my vision is brilliant and new. God's presence is everywhere! The flowers have saved their scent for me while I was gone on a senseless journey. My favorite brook calls my name and I visit her for a while. The river has finally merged with the ocean.

I am free. I am home. I am living now in eternity.
I have awaken to love.
Life is Good!
Copyrighted 2010
Nazeelah Noorjahan

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gangsta Diva

A diva is a woman who knows who she is
And live her life according to that knowledge

A woman who sacrifices nothing
For she knows that sacrifice is an empty word
All things are in divine order as it should be
No sacrifice needed

A diva is the essence of being
And knowing
And giving away all that she is
So she may have all things
She knows the secret of the Universal Laws
Man’s law faze her not

A diva is love in expression
Faith walking
Up and down the streets of ignorance
To bestow her wisdom secretly
Through the wind it is liberated
As the rays of the sun magnify it
And the full moon blesses its sacredness

A diva
A woman of discretion and discernment
Dignity is her way
True self- confidence is what lights her path
The path led by the Christ within

The diva with eyes like an eagle
Understands the deep insights of life
She recognizes the higher purpose in all catastrophes
And breathe in deeply when they occur
To balance the energies

The diva does not fret when love is taken
And not returned
For she knows the secret of “its better to have lived and loved
Than to not have loved at all”

She is love
And she knows
She be
And things unfold
In perfection

She is the keeper of the gate for scorned women
The warrior who wars for children and Justice
In Rare Form

She is mother
She is a Gansta Diva

Copyright 2009

Nazeelah Noorjahan

Friday, July 20, 2012


Faces so pure
Free from life’s’ anxieties
Scamper through life for a moment
In a solemn blink
Vivid imaginations
Child’s curiosity
No remembrance
No celestial tone to remind you of your birthright
Dead man walking in his sleep
A sliver of wisdom in one moment
Departure to the ethers in the last
It begins again
Where it left off in a mist

Nazeelah Noorjahan

Do You Remember Me?

In an illusion called Time
I saw you
We passed each other on a busy street
Our eyes caught each other in a glimpse
From the corner
And I wondered
If you remembered me
If I had stopped and said “hello”
“It is so good to see you brother!”
Would you have remembered me?
If I had told you that I was a bodishavtis on a special mission
And that we planned this journey together
Yet somewhere we got lost in the sea of time and gone astray
Would that have brought memories back?
If I had stopped and told you
That our mission as lovers and light workers
Would save the world
Would you have remembered me then?
If I had touched you
Sending you my divine love through the energy flowing through
My fingertips
Would you have remembered me then?
Or if I had looked you in your big beautiful auburn eyes
And made you high with my penetrating vision
Would you have remembered how good it felt to fly?
I know you would have remembered
Can we change the Master Plan?
My warrior in shining armor
Can we change it and void our own destruction
Let’s follow the road paved for our destiny
Let’s transform reality
Let’s do this
Remember me

Nazeelah Noorjahan